Bilingual fly on the wall

1528511_10152824540132524_1341709040_nIn my peripheral vision I could see Valencia, but I was more focused on what Raquel, one of my study abroad group’s directors, was saying.

“After you unpack your things and your host mom has given you a set of keys, many students feel a sense of, ‘well, what now? Why am I here?’”

The thought confused me mostly because I hadn’t thought much about that moment. For the past few days of exploring Madrid and Toledo, I hadn’t worried about anything except for how I seemed to have been the only person who brought more than one suitcase to Spain. But now, after months of preparation, I was about to meet the woman who would host me in her home, make authentic Valencian meals for me and do my laundry for the next four months. I hadn’t thought about the moment where I would settle in. Is there downtime on a study abroad program? I had been going, going, going for five days – I had almost forgotten what it would be like to just sit down. Continue reading “Bilingual fly on the wall”