A Ridiculous Adventure

My view for an hour

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” ~John Lennon

Today I learned the meaning of another cliche. WARNING: this is a ridiculous story. So there’s a big park called “el rio” that stretches throughout the entire city of Valencia, kind of like Central Park. A lot of people use it as a destination point. People say, if you ever get lost, as long as you can get to the river, you’ll find your way home.

I have learned that once you get stuck in the motions of taking the same route to school every day, going out to the same bars with the same people and shopping at the same supermarket, it can be difficult to have anything to write about.

Even though I usually walk or ride a bike to school, when I am feeling lazy or it’s late, I take the 29 bus. Public transportation has always made me very anxious. My friends at UMass have always questioned why I insist on walking everywhere… Now being in Spain I have realized how convenient the Amherst bus system is.

Anyways, when I take the 29 bus to school, it always drops me off on one side of el rio, but when I take it home, i pick it up on the other side. I have been curious for weeks now about when the bus crosses the river… So I thought, what better time than a Sunday to get purposely lost? For 45 minutes, I sat on the bus and got a lovely tour of Valencia. Eventually the bus turned around and I made it to my friend’s apartment, which was my intended destination.

When you get into the habit of doing the same things with the same people every day, you’re not going to learn anything or meet anyone new. Maybe I wasted an hour sitting on a bus, but if I hadn’t sat on that bus, I would never have found out how far the 29 bus really goes. (The answer: really far.) I saw more of Valencia in an hour than I’ve seen in a month… and I had fun!

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