Photos and text about my trip to Barcelona.

On Wednesday, January 29, I took a train with three of my friends to Barcelona from Valencia. The ride was gorgeous with views of the Mediterranean for most of the three hour trip.
This was one of the gorgeous views I enjoyed on the train ride from Valencia to Barcelona.
“Yarda de Cervesa” con limón

One of the biggest differences I noticed between Barcelona and Valencia was the American qualities of the cities.

In Valencia, it’s very uncommon to walk into a restaurant or store and be able to hold a conversation in English. The locals usually speak only Spanish and the local language, Valencian. But in Barcelona, it seemed that every time we tried to speak Spanish to locals, they would reply in English! In addition to language, there were many American qualities in Barcelona. For example, I saw numerous Starbucks and “Dunkin’ Coffee’s,” as they were titled, in Barcelona. There were also lot of American products in the stores. In Valencia, there is only one Starbucks and it doesn’t sell the same coffees that are sold in America.

On my first full day in Barcelona, we hiked up to Park Güell to see amazing views of the city. This street became even steeper and there were escalators to help carry you up.
Barcelona from the top of Park Güell
Barcelona from the top of Park Güell


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Boston in Barcelona!

IMG_4756Barcelona is a lively, exciting and beautiful city and I enjoyed the many days I spent there. But, when I got off the bus in Valencia, it felt good to know where I was going, and it felt even more like home.

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